This is the kind of question that you can simply not answer in a few words. In fact, the answer depends on so many different factors that pinpointing them may take some time, too. There is a general belief that orthodontics is expensive. This much is true. Even when there are alternatives these days for people to resort to when it comes to payment methods and the like, the truth is that most braces cost quite a bit, even if it is for children. I bet we would all love free braces.

Age Group

The first point you should take into account before working on a budget is the patient’s age. Orthodontia for children is more affordable than grown-ups. In addition, kids usually get some kind of coverage by health insurance plans until the age of 18. Adults on the other hand, are generally on their own. Since 22% of people who wear braces are adults, it’s practical to work out a plan in order to tackle the price without losing quality in your treatments. Whereas the average price for kids is about $3,000 (starting at $1,000), how much braces cost for adults is much more.

Types of Braces

The second determining factor is defining the type of orthodontia you will get. Traditional metal options are more affordable than other fancier types. Unlike metal that start at $3,000, invisible orthodontic treatments cost (on average) over $7,000. Other more sophisticated types, such as inner or lingual can cost up to $13,000 or even more. What determines the price according to types is the kind of materials involved, as well as their availability and their fragility. This is very evident with the lingual versions, which are not recommended by many dentists, since they require more frequent visits to the dentist’s office, they are much more expensive.

Are there low-cost braces?

Orthodontics can become cheaper with a little help of common sense and good will. As we mentioned earlier, sometimes there is no use in trying to get an expensive treatment if the patient will do just as well with average treatment. Not only will it cost more, but you will need to adjust your timetable to dentist’s appointments. Invisible orthodontia takes a longer time than traditional methods. This may end up being more costly as further visits are required. When you do your math, consider all kinds of expenses, such as gas, tolls and time spent at the dentist’s office.

Paying for the Treatment

Now that you know how much braces cost, you should learn about different payment methods. Most orthodontists are willing to offer payment methods so that their patients can get the treatments they need. Other payment alternatives include credit cards, for example. A smart way of getting a low priced remedy is by going to a dental school clinic. There you can save at least 50% of what you expected to pay in a private orthodontic surgery. Some families have been saving for years until their kids need to get the perfect braces.

how much braces cost for kids