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In this age of public image, the way you look may determine much of your academic, social or professional success. A popular way to improve the way one looks is by resorting to orthodontic treatments. However, there would seem to be some irony in the fact that in order to look better, one must look awkward for a while.

Whereas kids have become used to wearing them and are seldom picked on due to this fact, adults have a hard time getting used to wearing these strange metallic objects in their mouths. Consequently, newer, less unsightly alternatives have come up and are available on the dental market.

What are Porcelain Braces?

One of the less noticeable types of orthodontic treatments is ceramic braces , these ones have been specifically designed to cater for many adults and their needs of caring for their dental health, without looking” teen-ish”. By blending with your natural teeth color, these types of braces are far less conspicuous and much more becoming than their traditional counterparts.

Ceramic or porcelain options cannot be seen so easily because since the brackets are either white or tooth-colored, they are perfectly camouflaged. However, brackets are not the only clear thing. Wires, ties or ligatures are also clear-colored in order to compliment the brackets. Even metal arch wires look less evident with this system.

Besides the obvious cosmetic reason, there is a sort of prestige involved in certain professions or public posts that would be shadowed by the presence of orthodontia. I mean, would you trust a police officer wearing purple wires on Mickey Mouse brackets? Probably not.

As an answer to grown-ups and their demands, clear porcelain options were developed quite successfully to make up for the deficiencies of traditional metallic braces.

Another reason why these are better for adults is that they need a little extra care than metal types. Since grow-ups are more capable of looking after these braces than younger patients, ceramic orthodontia is not recommendable for children or teens. For one thing, these brackets are more prone to breaking than metal ones and although brackets do not stain, the wires or ties used to hold them together, do. This means that taking care of invisible orthodontia is vital, not only hygiene-wise, but also (and above all) with the food you eat. Forget about eating meat (or any “sharp” food)for some time.

Finally, clear braces are more expensive than less traditional methods, regardless of your health insurance coverage. This is evident from the very first minute. This is why few dentists recommend invisible orthodontia for kids.

Facts to Consider
  • Even when ceramics  have come a long way, they are still less durable than metal ones.
  • Since porcelain is more prone to breakage than other materials, it should be taken care of in further detail.
  • Treatments with porcelain orthodontia are generally longer than with others.

Porcelain Braces